Monday, August 20, 2012

Going Back to School With Serious Style

 Okay.  So this first pic is of my hubby and myself trying to keep warm.  We're at his family get-together which was held at Mohican State Park in Loudenville.  It's a beautiful place and we were at the Saturday picnic that we always have.  It was last weekend (not the one we just had, but the one before that), and I was serious freezing my heinie (sp?) off.  I asked my sister-in-law to take this picture of us trying to stay warm!!
 This adorable pencil was created by my fab co-worker Meg Ruch.  She is super talented and very modest.  I just happened to stop by to ask her some questions and saw this basket of goodies.  After exclaiming about how cute they were -- where in the world did she ever come up with such a great idea -- she let me take a few pics to put on the blog. 
     Meg created these for a back-to-school movie night her church was hosting.  It's just kisses on top of Rolo candies wrapped in yellow card stock, with a bit of gold and pink.  They wrapped a little motivational note on the "pencils" to give away at the movie night event.  
     How cute!  What a great idea to CASE.  Thanks, Meg, for letting me share your wonderful fine on my blog.   Seriously, this is going back to school with style, don't you agree?

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  1. OMG and I am looking at the onsies instead of these things. How flipping creative. Is she a customer or a recruit of yours. If not she should be. I need to make some of these for this weekend but it's probably going to be to hot. Love the pic of you and your hubby too Julia. Very sweet! Hugs, Bev


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