Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Mixed Week

Sometimes we all have them - a week with good stuff and some not so good stuff.  In other words, a mixed week!

I found out today that I was an Honorable Mention with the Freshly Made Sketches challenge! 
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WooHoo!  A wonderful and fun way to have the week go.  It was with this card from this post.

The not-so-great thing was our boy kitty passed on Monday.  
He wasn't very old and had cancer.
Our younger son holding Charlie before he left to go back to college.  Charlie was his "baby".
The only nice thing about Charlie being so sick before the very end was having the chance to tell our sons in time for them to come and see him, hold him, and love on him before he was gone.  We rescued Charlie and his sister Martha when they were tiny little kittens.  
The week took a good turn again with the gorgeous weather we've been having for the beginning of November.  I'm not going to knock this 70-something degree weather.  It will be snow and freezing temps soon enough.  My sweetie and I went for a long walk over the weekend and enjoyed viewing the bulrushes along the bog walkway we were traversing.
Enjoying our walk and the gorgeous weather while we can
Like most of life, it's been quite a week of ups and downs.

Hope you enjoy a week of good things. 
 Thanks for stopping by ~