Friday, August 3, 2012

To My Friend

 I really like the way this red and white card is simple and yet just pops right at you!
 I CASEd this card from a swap at convention I got from Lisa Lemens.  Lis lives in Wisconsin and had such a nice swap -- I could hardly wait to make it myself! 
So simple and at the same time a fancy card with the rhinestones to dress it up a tad.

What I used:

I'd love to hear about your day.  Mine was a big longer than usual -- my boss had a document that had to be uploaded to the Patent website (he wasn't completely finished with it until almost 5:00, and I stayed late to be sure it got in on time and in good order.  I'm nice that way.  It's made for a shorter evening here at home, though.   I still get to be my own boss with my home-based Stampin' Up! business.  I love this job more than anything else I've ever done for a job.
I've got a great private class scheduled for this weekend, and we're going to be doing some great projects based on the holiday catalog.  I'm really excited about that.  It's gonna be great to have some fun with friends over the weekend with the stampin' and all of that.  I've got a list of songs for one of our sons to put on a CD for us while we're stamping.  So if I get up and dance in the middle of class . . . well, I just hope no one laughs too hard!!

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Hope you got to laugh about something today.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~~ Happy Stampin' and Scrappin'! 

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  1. Beautiful card my friend and I would probably be dancing along with you. I did finally get that Holiday catty on my blog. I have done it before I just am not sure why it wouldn't work the first time. Thanks for you comments again on my blog. My mom and sisters left this morning but got a lot of stuff done at my house which was so nice. I can't wait to get back home to live. It is a beautiful day. Have a great one my friend. Hugs, Bev


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