Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Take the "Guilty" out of your Guilty Pleasure

OOOOooooooooo . . . wouldn't it be nice to truly take the "guilty" out of our guilty pleasure?  Well, at least you can with your digital scrapbooking and card making fun.  You can also do other types of projects with the My Digital Studio (MDS) program.  

I really enjoy mine a lot, but I honestly use it for way more than scrapbooking (although it's a huge, huge time saver for that -- and with my busy schedule, I'm all for anything that will save me time and still make me look good.

Okay -- so this program is free for the entire month of August.  Free!  How great is that?  No cost.  No worries.  You are gonna really, truly enjoy this.  

So delve right in.  Enjoy yourself.  See you when your month is up -- check back with me -- let me know what you think about it all -- and I think you'll tell me that it was more than worth the try.  All you need to do is one or two projects, and you will see that this is incredible (and besides that, it's free -- to get the entire thing for free just blows me away!!  Can you tell?).  The templates alone are so fantastic.  They make my life easier and will make yours easier, too.  

Guess what?  I'm off my soap box now.  It's just that I'm all about free.  There's just something about that word . . .

Click right here to get your 30-day trial of MDS for free.

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Thanks for stopping by ~~ Happy Stampin' and Scrappin'!

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