Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Birthday Trip to Hower House

I'm another year older - and hopefully wiser! 
My birthday was last Tuesday (can it almost be a week already?). 
I didn't want much from my guys, except to spend some time with them. 
 I asked them to all set aside time on Saturday to visit the Hower
House in Akron with me for a tour.
We were looking forward to seeing what this uniquely-styled 
home would look like inside.
There are three floors, plus a basement in this roughly 10,000 square foot home.
The windows at the front porch were about 10 feet in height.
 Unfortunately, they discovered some crumbling occurring 
in the basement as they were readying the house for a new year 
of events.  Turns out that it's nothing structural, but bad enough 
that they were not doing tours this past weekend - and in the 
rush and worry of fixing the place, neglecting to update their website.
My hubby  knocked on the gift shop door and asked what was 
going on when we discovered we couldn't get inside.  That's when we learned
 about the basement "issue".  We were kindly offered comp tickets
 for this upcoming weekend.  We all agreed that we would come 
back - so . . . lucky me.  More time to spend with my guys 
next weekend!
We got some great pictures out of it.  My husband insisted
 on taking lots of myself and the boys since I'm usually the picture
 taker and am in very few of ours.  Thanks, honey!

Hope you have a wonderful day - thanks so much for stopping by!

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