Monday, September 22, 2014

Celebrate - As You See It

Do you have a reason to celebrate today?  
Does anyone you know?  How about an anniversary coming up
 for a friend or some other special event?
 This card is going to do just that for my girlfriend
 who got a promotion at work.
It also fits in nicely with the
I also want to celebrate because I created two 
DIY photo lights and this was the first card I photographed using
 them!  I was able to make both lights for less than $75 with
 supplies I got from Walmart - not my favorite place to shop, 
but definitely a one-stop shopping place for these supplies.  
Just to purchase one light that is 
premade online is $95 - so I feel like the amount I spent is great!!
See my set up?  I can clamp the lights wherever I want.
Here is the card before the lights are on - and here is after the lights were turned on:
After - Nice and bright!

Before - Yellow-ish - Ugh!

After all, I live in northern Ohio - and even though it's September, it's 
already getting dark around 7:30 or actually a little earlier - crazy!  In a month 
or so, it'll be dark as soon as I'm home from work       and then before I'm home!  
Sometimes, I want to photograph a card at, say, 10:00 pm.  
Now, I can!  WooHoo!!!  I'm so psyched!  
This is the website where I got the instructions on making the lights:

What I used when playing in my stamping studio today:
Thanks for stopping by ~~ Happy Stampin' and Scrappin'!


  1. Your photo looks fabulous!
    The color combo is to die for!!!
    Hope your knee is doing fine after the surgery?

  2. That gal is so stylin'! Really nicely done colouring her. Your lights look great and make a huge difference on the photos. Thanks for playing with us at AYSI.

  3. Isn't it great what you can do with a little ingenuity? With your lights as well as with your design for As You See It Challenges this week. I love your take on the challenge, and I'm sure your friend will appreciate a little hand stamped acknowledgement of her promotion! Thanks for playing along.

  4. I wish you get feel more better after surgery Julia and I love the color combo...annndddd your Photography like in a Foto studio yaaay you did a great job with that two LAMPS..(what is the meaning of DIY?? sorry I am a bit old fashion Julia LOL) Munich too sometimes its already dark or I want to make picture at 10:00 PM and no sunshine..this solution is a great idea...and thanks for the link...I will make it too one day...GREAT post Julia..and thanks so sweet to visiting my blog last time :)


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