Sunday, September 21, 2014

Age Awareness - AAA Cards

Fussy cutting is the name of the game this week at the AAA Cards Challenge.  
I had so many different tries getting the stars to come out just 
right on the bottom of this card (size of the card stock, should it go all 
around the card - stuff like that).  Then I carefully - and 
fussily - adhered cutout stars onto the card by the sentiment.
The card is already in the mail to my sister-in-law to 
help her celebrate her birthday.
And, of course, I made two (since I had it all figured out) 
and my chemo angel has an upcoming birthday.

Are you familiar with the chemo angel program?  
If you already make lots of cards, you may want to get involved.  
Here's the link for more information:

Thanks to everyone who played with my inspiration 
card last week at AAA Cards.  It was so much fun and humbling to 
see what people's
 interpretations would be.  I really liked that the best.  
You are a creative, big-hearted group. 

So grateful you stopped by ~~ Happy Stampin' and Scrappin'!


  1. What a great cause for cards! I am doing that with my sister but just because she is my sister :) -- stars are always encouraging~

  2. You make the most sweet and loving cards of anyone I know! (Must be that sweet and loving character that you are :) Fun to see the stars all over. Interesting site (chemogroup) I pack off my cards to my church- since my husband's event with chemo. His doctor just recently said he was "cancer free"! Yea! Thanks for being such a lovely woman. Hugs and smiles, Victoria

  3. You are an angel, Julia! With your generosity and your beautiful cards to inspire us all. These two are great!

  4. I love the combination of the cuts, stripes and wonderful sentiment!

  5. Brilliant card for a brilliant cause. Don't know if there's an UK equivalent, but it sounds really worthwhile.

  6. Pretty card! Great cause for cards. I take my cards down to our cancer center and donate them in memory of my Mother!

  7. your sister must be love your card this is so pretty with all the stars really tiny stars you put there near the sentiment I am not so patient woman also this will be a hard job for me Julia...lovely color too...beautifully done...hope you like to see my card with fussy cut it this time is number 36 :) see you there again sweet Julia


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