Sunday, June 1, 2014

Purrrrfect Washi - AAA Card Challenge

Are you wild about Washi like I am?  
I think it's just purrrrrfect - just like the theme for 
Keeping this adorable kitty, string and newspaper in mind, I came up with this --
 and then a close-up shot
 There are lots of prizes at AAA Card Challenge 
- and it's fun to get comments and have people check out your creations, don't you think?
We're waiting for you - It's gonna be purrrfectly wonderful to check out your cards!
I can't wait to see!!

On AAA Card Challenge

We've got another prize to offer to our challenge winner of the week- a stamp set from  BlueMoon Scrapbooking!

Cute huh? Mailed to your home too! Boy I thought about keeping these for myself. I can just picture those shapes cut out and popped up with puff tape!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Happy Stampin' and Scrappin'!


  1. Julia, that's a wonderfully written post. You are so good for AAA Cards! diggin' that washi! Maybe we'll get more tape from the players. wishing you a happy week, Victoria

  2. This is a fabulous card -- very well balanced, and I adore the Cat Thank You! :)

  3. Love that washi - on my wishlist!

  4. Julia, I love the cat talk! So cute and the washi is wonderful!


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