Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cute Cards For Confirmation

Every few years at our church, 
the youth are confirmed or go through confirmation.  
This means that a group of the youth 
(from 6th grade through anywhere in high school) 
may choose to attend classes 
and then at the end, join the church.  
This is the quickest and kind of quirky version
I have been helping this group for about 
seven years to make thank-you notes and 
invitations to their confirmation.  This year, I was 
unable to be there myself to help them make 
the cards, so I cut and got everything together, 
and my sister (the minister) did the honors.  
What is interesting about this is that my sister 
is a knitter-like-nobody's-business -- 
but stamping and papercrafting?  
Well, that's a whole 'nother thing!!
This version has a butterfly added to the front of the gatefold
We did the "goodies" exchange while I 
gave her a crash course on how to put these 
cards together.  She took everything and 
was up for the challenge!  I was promised 
pictures of the event - haven't see those yet --
 but I'm waiting!  I was told it all went smashingly.
Here's the other side of the butterfly - the white paper was a shimmery white
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