Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cards and Great Trip - 22nd Anniversary

My hubby and I have celebrated 22 years
of being married!!
We went to Mohican State Park to celebrate.
This is the sunset on our evening there.
In the morning, after breakfast, we made a
couple of cards.  My husband made one
to give his parents to thank them for the
anniversary dinner they paid for.
Isn't it cute?  It's from a kit that includes
everything you could possibly need. 
He was amazed that he could do it and that it was easy!
Here's the card I made - I left it with our tip for the housekeeping staff.
We went hiking to Big Lyon Falls - it was really flowing! 

Our hiking path was just beautiful. 
So refreshing to be outdoors on a great day.
I found some Trillium - Ohio's State Flower.
We went to Malabar Farm where the first thing
we saw was this Produce Stand with a
fountain fed by a natural Spring. 
You can see the Spring House up on the hill
behind the Product Stand.  The Spring is what
they used to keep the produce cool in the summer.
We enjoyed a sumptious meal at the Malabar Inn Restaurant.
And then we took a tour of the grounds of Malabar Farm.
Some of the scenes to the Shawshank Redemption were filmed in this area.  This is the tree used in the scene
where there's a stone "fence" and the character who
finally makes it out of jail goes to find the box that has
been left for him here.  The owner of the tree has a
camera focused on it due to it being the 20th anniversary
 of the movie's filming and possible vandalism issues.
Then we took a tour of the "Big House" where Louis Bromfield, famous author lived.  Malabar Farm was his.
This is the view from the front door of the house. 
Mt. Jeez is the big hill there.  It was a favorite
spot of Louis Bromfield.  We've gone all the way
up to see fall colors before.  It's a great location for
fall foliage viewing.
His wife's headboard was specially made,
inscribed with Louis Bromfield's best sellers all around it.
I have a collection of typewriters, so I had to get a
shot of his in his "office".
I love the colors throughout the house.  So soothing and invigorating at the same time.
This is one BIG desk.  Built-in bookcases all around. 
I could get lots of cards made here!!
This was Louis Bromfield's manager's office area,
and when the manager died, Louis Bromfield took
over the space.  It houses another great typewriter.
Apparently, Bromfield died so unexpectedly,
all his clothes, the dishes, all the small things
that so often are removed, are still at the residence. 
He had a collection of blue suits, and only blue suits.
Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart were married at Malabar Farm and even honeymooned there.
There were french doors in every corner of this
living room.  The living room was a replica of the
Bromfield home in France.

And then outside the kitchen/garage area was a Smokehouse that Bromfield built from bricks taken from a former Vice President of the United States' home.
When I turned around from the smokehouse, I thought
the little cupola with the weathervane was striking
against the graying skies.  The wind was really beginning
to pick up and looked as if a storm was coming.
Happy Anniversary to us!!

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