Friday, April 11, 2014

For The Birds

Ever have a day that was just for the birds? 
 If you do, now there's a stamp set for it, too!!  
(Ha, ha!!)
So anyway, I was watching TV and 
wanted to be productive at the same time, 
and I came up with these cards.  
I just love how they turned out.  
That's how I get away with watching TV 
sometimes . . . "See all the great 
cards I got done this evening, honey?"
(my hubby is not a fan of TV - so I 
have to come up with reasons to watch sometimes)
I got crazy and cut everything out first and then
 began to put it all together, so no matter 
what image I decided to use, 
it had to fit into that size of rectangle 
I had already cut out.  Don't ask why.  
I don't know why I did that. 
I was probably enjoying my TV show.
Guess what?  I'm still on my watercoloring kick; 
I used the blender pens to color in these cute images.
I'm just crazy about how the Tasteful 
Trim was used for the bottom of the cards.  
I just cut out lots of different patterns, 
then held them up to each other 
until I thought it looked cool and then laid it on the card.  
I trimmed them down to size once 
adhered - and there you go!!
The embossing folder that was used 
for the cloudy sky?  
I have no idea what it was called.  I believe it's retired now.  
Looks cool, though, doesn't it?  
I kept it because I thought it was a great folder.  
I don't very often keep things once they retire.  
This was a keeper, though.
What was used: 
Card stock - Garden Green (#102584);
Accessories - Big Shot (#113439);
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Happy Stampin' and Scrappin'!


  1. Cool embossing folder! So neat that you can work in front of the telly. It's a cute collection. You ready to put out a fantastic card for the first AAA Cards game? Please cut the image square, I've found that it's the best for getting a large image displayed in blogger posts. Hope you are enjoying the Spring (Summer is starting in Tucson 90's already) hugs, Victoria

    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your comments. Yep, I've got the first card all ready to upload. I'll be doing it tonight. I wish we had 90 degrees outside! That's a heat wave for Northern Ohio!! We only see that in the deep heat of summer!


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