Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Fun

Whoa!  This winter weather is insane.  I'm telling you - it's absolutely insane!  What's it like where you are?

We are experiencing very, very cold temps here.  The good news . . . it makes for great cross-country skiing as long as you're dressed well.  

My hubs and I went out to do just that on Saturday a.m. while the sun was out in full force, but the temps were in the 20s.  The wind was certainly blowing in a few spots, and that made it a toughie - otherwise, it was fabulous and beautiful out.
We went to a local park that's a bog.  I've walked this a lot in nice weather, so I knew the layout well and that it would be flat in most places - just what I need for my first time out this year!!
There are a lot of homes on one side, but in these pics, we're on the side without the houses.  It feels like you're far away from anyone when you're out on this side of the park.  The park crosses the continental divide here, too, so that's a cool thing.  

Unfortunately, where the divide is, is also a BIG hill, which I avoided on Saturday.  So I didn't ski over that spot.
And here I am, attempting to ski quickly away from my sweetie.  I'm not worried.  He'll catch up because he's a way better skier than I am.  It was a fantastic workout and - like I said before - such a beautiful day out.  

Best thing?  I wasn't sore the next day - but my husband was!!!  

What was the best part of your weekend?

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