Thursday, January 2, 2014

4 Tips ~ Expressions Thinlits

Whoo - love these Expressions Thinlits words.  In fact, I've been wanting to work with these little cuties, but haven't quite managed the time - tonight was the night!  I found the time!  WooHoo!  Oh, yeah.
And you know what?  I found that several things were important to help me work with these fine Thinlit letters.

  • First off - Wax paper!  Yep - good ole wax paper to the rescue.  I tried to do the words without any and had so much trouble getting the letters out of the "mold".  Truly an "argh" moment or two.  But when I created a Big Shot "sandwich" (1. magnetic board, 2. acrylic piece, 3. Gold Foil Card Stock, 4. wax paper, and 4. then other acrylic piece), there wasn't a problem.  The pieces came out so much easier!  Whew!
  • Secondly, running the "sandwich" through the Big Shot over and over.  Each time I created a piece, I ran it over and over through the Big Shot, just back and forth repeatedly about eight times.  I really wanted to be sure that each tiny piece was truly cut out.
  • The tool that saved the day - the Paper Piercing Tool.  Oh, my.  What a helper that little tool is.  Love that thing.  I would begin by using the Paper Piercing Tool to cause all the extra pieces that won't be needed popped out.  At times, this was all that was needed to start my word to come out of the "mold" (again, thanks to the waxed paper).
  • Finally, smacking the word on the table.  You got that right.  I would hold one end of the word and then smack the other end on the table a few times (or on my hand).  Either way, this often caused the word to begin to pop out of the "mold".
Yepper - all in all, a great experience.  I'm sure I'll use these words again, now that I've got these tips under by belt.

I also had to work with what adhesive I liked the best to adhere the words.  I began with Snail.  Didn't like it too well.  Then I used the Stick glue.  Didn't like it too well either.  I ended up using the two-in-one liquid adhesive.  Working quickly, I was able to dab it on the letters and adhere the words to the cards without a problem. 
I made a bunch because I've got lots of thank yous to send out, as well as sending a couple of packets to my "card angel" in case she's in need of some thank-you notes.  My card angel is a cancer patient that I write to once or twice a week.  I send her little "gifties", too - like a couple packets of these cards.
To have some extra fun, I'm entering the ColourQ Challenge with this simple card today.  Since I don't have any Going Gray, I used Basic Gray.  Now that I think about it, Smoky Slate would've worked very nicely, too.

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  1. Great thank you cards, Julia! Happy 2014 and so glad to see you at the colourQ this week!

  2. Fun way to use this thinlit...and thanks for the tips! They can be challenging sometimes! Thanks for sharing this with us at the ColourQ!


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