Friday, May 3, 2013

Harem Pants and Parkour

Are you familiar with Harem pants?  Or maybe you're used to calling them Alladin pants? 

Our older son does Parkour - hope I'm spelling that right.  Here's a video of his:
 He and his friends go to "The Gym" to practice, have a safe place to learn new skills, and have fun together.  They take a lot of videos, so it's really great for me to watch them.  I really enjoy seeing what they're up to and what they've been learning. 
As you can see in the videos, they like to go to parks a lot, too.  Lots of outdoor fun.

For the gym, he wanted some harem pants because they allow more freedom of movement with plenty of coverage.
And so I made him a pair.  I used the Burda Young pattern here.  The pants are brown, and he says they're just what he wanted.  Yay!  That doesn't happen very often, does it?
Hope you make something that's just what someone wants today . . . 
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