Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Choo Choo! Baby Blanket Time

I made a baby blanket!  With this cute train on it, all I can think is "Choo Choo!"
It's so simple to make and only took about an hour and a half.
I purchased this adorable material at the fabric store.  It was in a bundle and marked "no sew".

I love to sew - don't get me wrong.  Besides papercrafting, it's a favorite thing.  But I wanted something that was gonna be quick and easy, and soft.  It had to be soft!  All babies need soft stuff.
What I used:
  1. The kit for making the blanket,
  2. a ruler, 
  3. pins
  4. scissors
  • After trimming off the salvage edges and cutting a 7" square off each corner, I marked where 7" was from the edges and pinned my markings.  
  • Using my ruler as a guide, I cut 1" strips on the edges of the blanket, being careful to cut through both layers of the material that came in my kit.
  • the "fringe" was tied together
Instant baby blanket!  How cool is that?  My co-worker is having twins, so I hope she likes it!  It's big enough for both her baby boys to lay on.

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