Thursday, March 28, 2013

Retired - Suckers

Lots and lots of projects!

That's what my week has been like.  How about yours?

Well, like I said, it's been a week of working on projects for other people.
Like this:
lots of suckers
We held a retirement party for one of my co-workers, and I was asked to do something with the sucker package.  They wanted them to be "bigger" and have writing on them.

I typed up - some with pictures, as you can see - words that had to do with retirement and put that on one side of the suckers.  The other side, I made sure there was a bit of bling because Pat (our retiring person) is all about bling.
one of my personal favorites
I liked this one because Pat's always tired.  And she has bright strawberry blond hair, so I thought the little lady on the couch looked like her.
A fun example of how all those stamping supplies of punches and paper can be used for more awesome stuff than just stamping.

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