Friday, March 29, 2013

Candy -- And Lots of It!

Time for some candy!  Mm-mmm.  I just love candy.

What's your favorite kind?  Do you like stuff like licorice?  How about hard candy, like suckers?  I had a post about decorating suckers right here.

Are you crazy about chocolate?

I like almost all kinds.  I guess I've just got that sweet tooth.
a belly band around a candy bar decorates it nicely
I was given a box of Hershey candy bars and asked to personalize them for Pat, a person in our office retiring this week.

I knew that most of the colors being used in the decorations were primary colors, so I used the Parkers Patterns paper - on this bar you see a great Chevron pattern.  That is actually a Cherry Cobbler paper on the bottom.

It was a great retirement party.  The candy bars were spread down the middle of the tables so people could take one if they wanted.
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