Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wood-Mount Stamps v. Clear-Mount Stamps

Last week, I had a brand new stamper ask me, "Why Clear-Mount Stamps?"  "What's the big deal, and what the difference between clear mount and wood?"

That got me thinking.  To be honest, I like to buy both.  I like that I always have a block available when I have a wood-mounted stamp on hand.  And in the past, the clear stamps weren't always so great for stamping.  Well, not wanting to sacrifice quality to join the clear-mount craze, Stampin' Up! worked hard to resolve issues that had plagued unmounted stamps. Their  clear-mount option is using the same great rubber for their stamps customers have come to rely on. No quality was sacrificed. So no matter which you decide to get, you'll still get the same crisp images and excellence stamps.

So what are the differences and the advantages for you?

Clear acrylic blocks allow you to see where your image is going. The stamps are still the same, mounted on foam backing which adhere to a clear acrylic block. An image of the stamp is on the back of the foam so you will be able to see through and place your stamp exactly where you want it to go.  With the wood-mounted stamps, you can always use a Stamp-A-Ma-Jig, and it will work great for you.
Blocks are available in different sizes and can be purchased in a bundle, so they can be used with any size stamp. If you no longer want to store or carry around wooden blocked stamps you have more options. Clear blocks make it easier to take the images you want to crops or anywhere you want to stamp.
Every crafter has storage issues. Wooden-blocked stamps take up more room. With the clear block option, storage space is cleared up. Stamp sets are purchased in DVD cases. The cases are see-through and the stamps have an optional image on the back. You now have a system where the image you are looking for is easy to find and at your fingertips. 
Large blocks also have another great advantage for those out there who like to do collages; multiple images can go on one block. They can design their look right on the block to stamp just once. This also works well with numbers and letters. You can spell out the words you want. Position them precisely on the blocks and only have to stamp once. No more trying to line letters up as you stamp one letter at a time.

Both clear and wood stamps are made with die cuts. This allows you to start with your project right away. There is no need to condition the stamp. Just place it on your wood or clear block, ink it up and start to stamp. Don’t worry about clean up either. Blocks and stamps clean up beautifully with Stampin' Scrub and Stampin' Mist.

So . . . I hope that clears up some questions you may have!

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