Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Really Rich Ribbon Stuff

Ever have people do something in front of you and you go . . . "Ooooooh.  That's so cool.  I'll take a bunch of pictures so I remember that."  You take the picture and then it stays on the camera forever, and you forget all about it until one day . . . you look through the pictures on your camera and are amazed at this super cool thing on there that you had totally forgotten?


I've had that happen, too.  In fact, here are a few pictures of just that --
 I went to Stampin' Up!'s convention this summer and they shared a technique where you punch out an image or use the die cuts . . . 
 and then you lay ribbon down in the area that has been cut/punched out.  
 It makes for some wonderful texture and adds such beautiful color and "wow" to a card.  You can use any color or ribbon . . . 
 You can see that a variety of ribbons were used on this card.
And then in the airport on the way home, I met a fellow stamper who still had "swaps" left.  Guess what she had done on her swaps and had had no idea at all that they would be showcasing this very thing at convention?  You guessed it!!

How cool is that?  

I am going to be making this on Saturday with the people who have signed up to make Christmas cards.  I can't wait -- we're going to have so much fun.  Whoo Hoo!!

Yeah . . . I enjoy making cards with my friends that much!!!
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