Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video Tutorial - Adhesive Cleaning Tip

Oh, yeah!!  It's Wednesday . . . I've got a video for you!
So what does a First Aid Kit and

my acrylic blocks I use for stamping

have in common?
Something that is very helpful to both . . . . . . 
Yep!  Alcohol Swabs!!!!

I use these little things to clean my acrylic blocks, scissors, glassware that has adhesive stuck to it.  No elbow grease required!  Gotta love that!!

Tonight, I even used an Alcohol Swab to get some grease off a drawer in our bathroom.  I don't ask how grease gets on a bathroom drawer.  I just clean it.  When you have boys in the house (or girls for that matter), you don't ask after a while.

What a handy and inexpensive thing to use!  There are many uses . . . cleaning your phone, keyboard, printer.  You can let your items air dry or wipe them off with a lint-free cloth.

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