Monday, May 21, 2012

What's My Number? - Or What's Your Number? - I'm Supposed to Sit Where?

You know how when you go to a big wedding reception and you have a table you are assigned to sit?  It's so funny wandering - I mean - walking around, looking at every table and trying to figure out what the heck table you're sitting at.  LOL!  We've all been there or we've at least all done something like that at one point or another. 

My super awesome nephew (I'm not at all prejudiced) just got married a tad bit over a week ago.  Being the "craftmaster" auntie that I am, I was asked to make the table numbers for the reception, and this is what I came up with (the picture above).  

Here's my inspiration piece:
 No idea where I got this.  I just Googled Wedding Reception Table Numbers and this popped up as one of my options (you know how it is).  I loved the personalization of it all, so I immediately texted my nephew (he answers text messages from me better than anything) and asked for pictures of them.  Found some on Facebook, but the mother lode was from their wedding website's Gallery - Bingo!

You should have seen people at the reception looking at these pics!  It was so cool.  And then they announced that people could take the table number/pictures home, and they were gone -- poof!  

Today, my older son and I made a video on how to make the table numbers so you can share this with anyone you want.  Hopefully, if you have an event comin' up, you can do this, too.  It sure was a big hit.  We're gonna have the video up and running tomorrow.  Be sure to come back and take a look.   We worked really hard on it . . . I can hardly wait for you to come back and see.

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