Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Could Be Better?

Hanging out with friends and talking, creating, laughing, learning new things.

These are a few of the best things that life can offer.

I got to experience all of that with three fabulous people during the last class I had.

I had five "kits-to-go" ordered; however, my fav has got to be the in-person stuff.  There's nothing like it.  It was like a private class of sorts.  In fact, I'd say that's what it was.  

What could be better?  I can't think of a thing.

Please join me in the next class, the Everything Eleanor Class coming up the first weekend in June.  

The Friday class is full, but there's still some room in the Sunday class.  Just click here for information.  And if you would like a kit-to-go, that's fine too. It's only $7.00 It's truly all about the creation, not where you do it. Just Pay Here.
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