Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot Tip For You

Have you ever been stampin', had several colors open, and without thinking about it, put your stamp on the wrong color?  Maybe it was hard to see what color it was?

Or maybe you're like me and do classes and sometimes the people in your class have a hard time seeing what color is in front of them or across the table from them.

I've got a solution for you when it comes to the new ink pads that Stampin' Up! has now.

On the back of the new ink pads, you will find stickers in several (ok . . . four) languages.  
  1.  Peel the whole thing off.

2.  Use the one that works for you and put it on the ink pad.  I put mine on the end that will face me when I'm initially opening the ink pad so I know where to put my thumbs and PUSH.

3.   Now cut off a bit of color from one of the languages you won't be using.
4.  Put it on the other end of the ink pad.  Now everyone can see what color the ink pad is, even if it's not facing you!

5.  Cut off a bit more color from a language you won't be using . . . 

6.  And put that bit of color inside the pad.  Sometimes colors of ink pads look similar when you're looking down at them.  Now you're gonna be able to tell what color it is, even if you're looking down at it!!  

Easy, huh?  No more mixing it up -- with colors of ink pads anyway!

Hope this helps you.  I sure know it's gonna help me.
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Thanks so much for stopping by ~~ Happy Stampin' and Scrappin'!

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