Saturday, April 23, 2011

To Harry London's I Go

Today, the older son and I made a very important stop to Harry London's near where I live. It's this beyond-fabulous choclate factory. They have merged with Fanny May, so some of the candies now have the Fanny May name on them. I try to stick with the ones that are purely Harry London. I don't really know why. It's just the principle of the thing.

They make these tasty buckeyes there.

I'm like a chocolate addict or something because I like to have some chocolate every day. I've been noshing on Hershey's, so when I bit into this oh-so-wonderful Harry London stuff today . . . MMMMmmmmmmmmm! Sheer heaven!!!

We got some Easter eggs for hiding tomorrow and some perfectly sinful mints for right away.

Thank heavens for living close to a chocolate place like Harry London's. It's got some really good tours, too. If you're in the area, hope you are able to stop in to the chocolate factory and take a tour.

We filled two 1/2 pound boxes with candy from their selection counter -- talk about too many choices! It was tough to decide, but we managed!

Here's a look at the beautiful box we got to give to my parents tomorrow when we go over to eat and spend time with them in the evening . . .
Isn't it pretty?

Here's a look at the box that we filled up and purchased for us at home. Of course, we had to eat some on the way home. I had two wonderful pieces: a coconut cluster and mint meltaway. Makes me wish I could do it all over again just thinking about it.
How sad. Our box is almost empty.

Here is the table with some of the candy laid out on it. Since we waited until the last minute, some of the candy was on sale. Score!! The boys are saving the candy that you see here for me to hide tomorrow. I like traditions like that.

Those peanut butter eggs have adorable little chick candy hand piped onto them. So, so cute!!

Hope you're able to get some candy that's as good ~~ as always, thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit of your day with me.

Happy Stampin' and Scrappin'!

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