Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Wannabe!

The other day, I went to Michelle Zindorf's wonderful blog to see what she'd been up to and she had a similar card. It's just wonderful how she gives complete tutorials on everything that she has on her blog. She's amazing!! Just click Michelle Zindorf to get to her site and the tutorial. Hurry! Use her help to create now! Still here? Okay. That's fine.

This card is merely a wannabe, 'cause I'll never be able to do cards and use that brayer like Michelle does -- BUT -- I'm headed to a class that she's teaching in September!! SQUEAL!! I can hardly wait! I hope I'm able to soak up lots, and lots, and lots, and lots!!

Also this week, I've been obsessed with creating disciple wannabe costumes. Like this one from a Simplicity #4795.
I had to make this in a purple. It was incredible because the costume itself was only four pieces. Now, that's not so tough, but you've got to understand that I've had this new sewing machine for almost three years and never used it. Not once! I used to sew all my clothes. Amazing to think that I purchased this machine and haven't threaded it or anything.

This costume was McCall's #2339.

I had to make this costume in a medium blue shade -- minus the vest thing. I didn't have to make that at all. The purple costume was for Bartholomew. This blue was for Judas. We were doing the Living Last Supper at our church.

Everything went so well. The entire play was better than I had worried it would be. The men in the play worked so hard on their parts and made the evening memorable for everyone. They held the DiVinci pose afterward for everyone to take pictures afterward for a long time. The crowd went nuts and took picture after picture!

So that's it for my wannabe stuff for a while. Now that I know I can use this sewing machine, I want to do some projects for cards where I sew something. I can hardly wait! Until next time, thanks so much for stopping by.

Happy Stampin' and Scrappin'!


  1. LUCKY YOU for getting to go to one of Michelle's classes! I'm SOOOOOO jealous!!!!


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